A Perl module which creates bar graphics for one or more datasets, using plain
HTML and, optionally, "stretched" pixel images.

- it can display more than one data set on the same graphic
- one can change the direction of the bars (vertical, horizontal) by simply 
  changing one parameter
- when used in plain HTML mode, the graphic (and the module) is completely 
  independent - it doesn't require any graphic or graphic library
- when used in plain HTML mode, the graphic is entirely included in the page, so
  by saving the webpage, the whole graphic is saved with it
- highly customizable
- graphics for web polls and such simple data sets can be quickly created, 
  without the overhead implied by "on the fly" graphic generation

Screenshots ;)
A sample of what the module can do is included in the distribution (sample.html).
The source of this HTML file contains the parameters that each graph was generated

HTML::BarGraph is plain Perl, and so far has no dependencies, so install it like:
  perl Makefile.PL
  make test
  make install

Before using the module with 'bartype' set to 'pixel', you need to install 
the various color pixels which will be used to draw the bars.  As a start, you 
can use the pixels provided in the module's distribution (pixels/*.png).  You 
need to install these manually, since there's no way to know the location where
you want them to live.


dec 2002