NOTE: Astro::FITS::CFITSIO v1.05 requires cfitsio library version
      3.006 or later. It can be obtained from

NOTE: gcc takes a very long time to compile CFITSIO.c (created from
      CFITSIO.xs) with -O2 optimization on ix86. With -O, it takes
      about one tenth the time. This is the explanation for the
      optimization flag below. Use whatever flag you want, of

1. Set the CFITSIO environment variable pointing to the location of
   your cfitsio library and headers (e.g., /usr/local/cfitsio), or a
   prefix with include and lib subdirectories containing the cfitsio
   headers and library, respectively (e.g., /usr/local).

   $ CFITSIO=/usr/local/cfitsio         # Bourne shell and friends
   $ export CFITSIO

   % setenv CFITSIO /usr/local/cfitsio  # C shell variants

2. perl Makefile.PL OPTIMIZE=-O

3. make

4. make test

5. If you want, compare the output of the testprog/testprog*.pl
   scripts to cfitsio's testprog.c. There is a small shell script -
   "runtests" - included to make this easier.

6. make install

If compilation fails, please make sure the version of cfitsio you're
using matches that listed in README as a requirement for this version
of the module.

If compilaton succeeds but 'make test' fails due to unresolved
symbols, you should try explicity setting the libcfitsio.a to link
to. In Makefile.PL, add the following key to the WriteMakefile()
argument list:

      'MYEXTLIB' => '/path/to/libcfitsio.a',