Changes for version 0.092 - 2018-03-29

    • The API for deploy objects has changed. They now accept an arrayref of pages, not a store object to copy. This is an attempt to reduce the amount of filesystem operations Statocles needs to do during deploy (formerly it was once to build the site, then copy the whole site to the deploy).
    • The `build` and `deploy` methods of the Site object have been removed. The code to build and deploy a site has been moved to the Statocles::Command::build and Statocles::Command::deploy respectively. Site objects now have a `pages` method to get all the pages for the site.
  • Added
    • Added new Statocles::Command system. The Statocles class is now the main entry point for the command-line application, which delegates to Statocles::Command subclasses. This makes building custom commands possible.


Run Statocles commands
Get help for Statocles
A guide to configuring a Statocles site
How to use Statocles to write content
How to deploy a Statocles site
How Statocles works and how to write Statocles modules
A guide to fixing errors from Statocles
Development and deprecation policies
How to set up a Statocles site
A guide to making Statocles themes
A guide to pitfalls when upgrading Statocles
Prepare a release blog entry for this project


A static site generator
Base role for Statocles applications
Build Markdown and collateral files
A blog application
Render documentation for Perl modules
(DEPRECATED) Plain documents made into pages with no extras
Role for applications using files
(DEPRECATED) Manage static files like CSS, JS, images, and other untemplated content
Base module for Statocles modules
The base class for command modules
List the apps in the site
Build the site in a directory
Copy a default theme to this site to make changes
The command to create new Statocles site
Run a daemon to navigate the site
Deploy the site
Show status information for the site
Base role for ways to deploy a site
Deploy a site to a folder on the filesystem
Deploy a site to a Git repository
Base class for all Statocles documents
Events objects for Statocles
A wrapper for a file on the filesystem
A reference to an image
A link object to build <a> and <link> tags
A link object with child links, making a tree
Base role for rendering files
Render document objects into HTML
A page wrapping a file (handle)
A page presenting a list of other pages
An item in a List page
A plain page (with templates)
Information about a person, including name and e-mail
Base role for Statocles plugins
Render diagrams using mermaid
Check HTML for common errors and issues
Highlight code and configuration syntax
Check links and images for validity during build
A role implementing common attributes for pages/documents
An entire, configured website
The source for data documents and files
(DEPRECATED) A store made up of plain files
A template object to pass around
Common test routines for Statocles
Templates, headers, footers, and navigation
Type constraints and coercions for Statocles
Various utility functions to reduce dependencies


in lib/Statocles/