Changes for version 1.047 - 2020-03-31

  • Added
    • Added example Dockerfiles in eg/docker and started publishing Docker images (with bundled database backends) to
  • Fixed
    • Fixed SQLite backend minimum version to 1.56. 1.54 has an issue with finding unique constraints that prevents `read_schema` from finding the right surrogate keys. Thanks @chy-causer for the report! [Github #87]


Start the standalone Yancy web application
Handles talking to the database.
How to do user authentication and authorization in Yancy
How to configure Yancy
How to run Yancy without writing Perl code
Changes and deprecations when upgrading Yancy


Embed a simple admin CMS into your Mojolicious application
A simple framework and editor for content-driven Mojolicious websites
A backend for DBIx::Class schemas
A backend for MySQL using Mojo::mysql
A backend for Postgres using Mojo::Pg
A role to give a relational backend relational capabilities
A role to give a relational backend relational capabilities
A role to give a synchronous backend useful Promises methods
A backend for SQLite using Mojo::SQLite
Commands for working with Yancy backends
Copy data between backends
Basic controller for displaying content
An OpenAPI REST controller for the Yancy editor
A controller to show a user only their content
Add one or more authentication plugins to your site
A simple auth module for a site
Authenticate using Github's OAuth2 provider
Authenticate using an OAuth2 provider
A simple password-based auth
Add authorization based on user attributes
A simple token-based auth
Yancy content editor, admin, and management application
Manage file uploads, attachments, and other assets
Generate form HTML using various UI libraries
Generate forms using Bootstrap 4
Utilities for Yancy