Changes for version 1.065 - 2020-07-29

  • Added
    • Added templates for foreign key display fields. This means you can see (and search) multiple fields when resolving a foreign key record.
    • Added a 'yancy/component/table' Vue component. This component accepts a URL to a "list" and displays the items. Users can navigate pages and sort the table asynchronously. This is the first of many future Vue components that can be used for progressive enhancement and rapid development. These will also be used to build the next version of the editor app.
    • Added a "feed" action to Yancy::Controller::Yancy. The feed action opens a websocket to first send the same response as the "list" action: A page of items. Then, it polls the database periodically and sends any new items, updated items, or deleted items, keeping the page of items in-sync with the client. Look for some example applications using this soon!
  • Fixed
    • Fixed the link in the cookbook to the limited-editor example. Thanks @joshrabinowitz for the patch! [Github #120]
  • Other
    • Added Northwind example application, along with some other Cookbook entries and example apps.


Start the standalone Yancy web application
Handles talking to the database.
How to do user authentication and authorization in Yancy
How to configure Yancy
Recipes for Yancy apps
How to run Yancy without writing Perl code
Changes and deprecations when upgrading Yancy


Embed a simple admin CMS into your Mojolicious application
The Best Web Framework Deserves the Best CMS
A backend for DBIx::Class schemas
A backend for MySQL using Mojo::mysql
A backend for Postgres using Mojo::Pg
A role to give a relational backend relational capabilities
A role to give a relational backend relational capabilities
A role to give a synchronous backend useful Promises methods
A backend for SQLite using Mojo::SQLite
Commands for working with Yancy backends
Copy data between backends
Basic controller for displaying content
An OpenAPI REST controller for the Yancy editor
A controller to show a user only their content
Internationalization (i18n) for Yancy
English lexicon for Yancy strings
Add one or more authentication plugins to your site
A simple auth module for a site
Authenticate using Github's OAuth2 provider
Authenticate using an OAuth2 provider
A simple password-based auth
Add authorization based on user attributes
A simple token-based auth
Yancy content editor, admin, and management application
Manage file uploads, attachments, and other assets
Generate form HTML using various UI libraries
Generate forms using Bootstrap 4
Utilities for Yancy