Bio::Maxd provides methods for uploading and retrieving
data to/from a maxd (MySQL) database.

"maxd" is a data warehouse and visualization environment for 
microarray expression data developed by the Microarray Group at
Manchester Bioinformatics (


      DBI             1.29
      DBD::mysql      2.1
      HTML::Template  2.5

To build:

  perl Makefile.PL
  make test
  make install

or 'perl Makefile.PL PREFIX=/path/to/the/directory' to install into
a private directory other than Perl's default one.


1. You may want to set these environment variables for 
   to know where to connect to and where the html templates are:

   setenv MAXD_USERID "userid/password"
   setenv MAXD_HOSTDB "database_host"
   setenv MAXD_TEMPLATES "/path/to/where/templates/are"

2. Maxd uses extra tables for simulating a sequence in mysql
   for the following tables: Hybridisation, Image, Measurement and
   Description. Please run once the script extendMaxD to create and
   initialize tables Hybridisation_Seq, Image_Seq, etc.


Copyright (C) 2002 Jaime Prilusky. All rights reserved.


Jaime Prilusky (