Revision history for POE-Filter-SSL

0.01    19.06.2010
        First version, released on an unsuspecting world.

0.02    19.06.2010
	Fixed the incomplete package
	Fixed the documentation

0.03    20.06.2010
        Fixed the documentation
        Improved the handling in server mode
        Client mode now included

0.04    20.06.2010
	Improved the documentation
	Parameters now without reference

0.05	20.06.2010
	Fixed the documentation
	Renamed clientcertrequest to clientcert

0.06	20.06.2010
	Fixed the documentation

0.07	20.06.2010
	Fixed the documentation

0.08	20.06.2010
	Fixed the documentation

0.09    20.06.2010
        Fixed the support of write bigger than 32KBytes to 65Kbytes

0.10	20.06.2010
	Fixed the support of write bigger than 65535 bytes to 65536 bytes

0.11	21.06.2010
	Fixed the support of write bigger than 65535 bytes by a new buffer
	with a static BIO OpenSLL buffer of 16 Kbyte per connection

0.12	03.07.2010
	Fixed the documentation
	Removed the own BIO implementation and using now BIO_s_mem of OpenSSL

0.13	06.07.2010
	Fixed the documentation
	Allowing to use POE::Component::Server::TCP and
        POE::Component::Client::TCP the Filter::SSL together with

0.14	06.07.2010
	Improved the change of filters vi doHandshake().

0.15	06.07.2010
	Fixed bug in doHandshake().

0.16	06.07.2010

0.17	06.07.2010
	Removed die()s

0.18	08.07.2010
	Fixed the handling of big packets
	Fixed and improved the documentation

0.19	16.08.2010
	Fixed typo in loading of certification files in server mode
	Fixed endless loop if unexptected error came from OpenSSL
	Fixed https client example

0.20	25.08.2010
	Added support for POE::Component::Server::HTTP
	Found a solution for the use to make ssh handshake without
        the hack in the input handler

0.21	09.11.2010
	Fixed documentation so Test::Coverage works now

0.22	12.11.2010
	Fixed prerequires so make test works on more machines

0.23	01.06.2011
	Fixed documentation bug in HTTPS Server demo
	Added getCipher() function

0.24	02.08.2011
	Fixed a bug interacting to some other components
        without SSL, e.g. POE::Component::Client::HTTP

0.25	27.09.2013
	Intermediate certificates as chain (chain parameter)
	Diffie-Hellman for perfect forward secrecy (dhcert parameter)

0.26	28.09.2013
	Syntax error

0.27	28.09.2013
	-lssl is not enouth; -lcrypto -ldl added

0.28	07.03.2014
	Fixed major security error verifying client certifcates in clientCertValid()

0.29	30.03.2016
	Fixed fix spelling erros in manpage (#106512)
	Fixed (D)DoS issues with malicious clients sending random data (#100602): New option errorhandler
	Fixed fix pod in (#106511)
	dhcertmem: Pass dhcertparam via scalar

0.30	08.04.2016
	Fixed bug passing dhparamem

0.31	30.06.2017
	OpenSSL 1.1.0

0.32	02.07.2017
	Net::SSleay has removed support for SSL_CTX_set_tmp_rsa_callback and SSL_set_tmp_rsa_callback, included in XS now

0.33	18.07.2017
	Uncommented XS functions SSL_CTX_set_tmp_dh, SSL_CTX_set_tmp_rsa and SSL_set_tmp_dh
	Pass crt, key and cacrt inmemory instead of a file
	Use in Net::SSLeay 1.65 available PrivateKey functions instead of RSAPrivateKey functions
	Errorchecking and dying on errors

0.34	24.07.2017
	Allow to specify SNI
	Allow to force tls(1.2)

0.35	31.10.2017
	Fixed cacrtmem
	Fixed debuging
	Fixed pod errors leaded to bad make test
	Use own SSL_CTX_set_tmp_rsa, Net::SSLeay got CTX_set_tmp_rsa removed
	Strawberry Perl: Compileroptions to compile, -ldl before other modules
	Save error code on chain certificate verifying

0.36	01.11.2017
	Again pod errors

0.37	05.11.2017
	ignoreVerifyError: Allows to connect trusted without specify error testing (e.g. time)
	debugging improved
	Only import key/crt if key/crt is passed

0.38	09.12.2017
	chain-option leaded to ignore key/crt option

0.39	12.01.2018
	Request client cerfificat only if 'clientcert'-Option has been set
	Fixed typos in POD ( #113644)

0.40	05.02.2018
	Secruity-fix: Certificate verify cannot be used in parallel

0.41	13.02.2018
	Moved ssl patching of POE::Component::*::* to own module
	Bugfix: SSL Object cannot be create at first