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Changes for version 1.5.0 - 2022-06-23

  • Fix: fu-cat length selection, added test
  • Fix: fu-count supports STDIN input
  • Added case insensitive option in fu-extract
  • Added tests for fu-count, fu-grep, fu-extract


Concatenate FASTA or FASTQ files
Find the common sequences between two files
A FASTA/FASTQ sequence counter
Get sequences by name (also using lists)
Extract sequences using patterns
Print sequence hashes
A demo implementation to filter fastx files by length
rename sequences
Sort sequences by size
Dereplicate sequences
A script to calculate N50 from one or multiple FASTA/FASTQ files.


a small module to calculate N50 (total size, and total number of sequences) for a FASTA or FASTQ file. It's easy to install, with minimal dependencies.
Helper module to support Seqfu tools