2004-06-04 00:07  psionic

	* Shelly.pm: [no log message]

2004-06-03 23:48  psionic

	* foo.pl: - Test code! :)

2004-06-03 23:48  psionic

	* Shelly.pm: - Added 4 WORD_* constants for the find_word_bound
	  function   WORD_BEGINNING - get the position of the beginning of
	  the word   WORD_END - get the position of the end of the word
	  WORD_ONLY - only count words, ignore trailing spaces	 WORD_REGEX
	  - you specify your own regex to match - Major update: Made
	  everything object oriented. perldoc Term::Shelly   for use.  -
	  Moved $bindings and $mappings to the new() sub for initialization
	  - Changed init() to new() and added lots of lines.  - Also moved
	  sigwinch stuff to the new() sub, haven't tested it yet.  - Added
	  prototypes to most functions, I'll get around to the rest later.
	  - Podded a bunch of functions, again, will do the rest later.  -
	  fix_inputline() now does everything... kinda. It does all the
	  input   position handling. If the input position goes past the
	  end of the   screen, it'll compensate. Same for if it goes too
	  far back (left).    Furthermore, sigwinch calls this function too
	  to redraw the line and    shuffle things if need be. Weee!  -
	  Wrote find_word_bound() - This took the bound searching
	  functionality   out of the delete_word_backward function. It
	  finds word boundaries, see   the pod for usage.  -
	  complete_word() also uses find_word_bound now.  - Got rid of the
	  test code (4 whole lines) and moved it to a better place

2004-06-03 01:27  psionic

	* Shelly.pm: - delete_word_backward almost works exactly like it
	  does in tcsh and

2004-06-03 00:30  psionic

	* Shelly.pm: - Initial commit.	- Most code used in tic
	  obliterated, it was bad. Some lines I didn't even remember what
	  they did.  - Dynamic key binding works, dynamic mapping works.  -
	  SIGWINCH works - termcols gets properly set - backward_char,
	  forward_char, delete_char_backward, kill_line, newline,
	  beginning_of_line, end_of_line all work.  - fix_inputline() works
	  now.	- afaik, key inputs are handled without troubles. Control
	  chars work, as   do ansi-control keys (left arrow, for instance,
	  which is actually a	sequence of characters). Moving around
	  seems like it's working   alright. Whew!