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Andreas Faafeng
parsediasql - Command-line interface to Parse::Dia::SQL
Parse::Dia::SQL - Convert Dia class diagrams into SQL.
Parse::Dia::SQL::Const - Constants and lookup methods
Parse::Dia::SQL::Logger - Wrapper for Log::Log4perl
Parse::Dia::SQL::Output - Create SQL base class.
Parse::Dia::SQL::Output::DB2 - Create SQL for DB2.
Parse::Dia::SQL::Output::HTML - Create HTML documentation.
Parse::Dia::SQL::Output::Informix - Create SQL for Informix.
Parse::Dia::SQL::Output::Ingres - Create SQL for Ingres.
Parse::Dia::SQL::Output::MySQL - Create SQL for MySQL base class
Parse::Dia::SQL::Output::MySQL::InnoDB - Create SQL for MySQL InnoDB.
Parse::Dia::SQL::Output::MySQL::MyISAM - Create SQL for MySQL MyISAM.
Parse::Dia::SQL::Output::Oracle - Create SQL for Oracle.
Parse::Dia::SQL::Output::Postgres - Create SQL for Postgres.
Parse::Dia::SQL::Output::SQLite3 - Create SQL for SQLite version 3.
Parse::Dia::SQL::Output::SQLite3fk - Create SQL for SQLite version 3, with foreign key support
Parse::Dia::SQL::Output::Sas - Create SQL for Sas.
Parse::Dia::SQL::Output::Sybase - Create SQL for Sybase.
Parse::Dia::SQL::Utils - Helper class for Parse::Dia::SQL.
Changes for version 0.27
    • RT #91654 Spelling mistake. Thanks to gregor herrmann and perl debian team.

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