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Tyler Riddle
Parse::MediaWikiDump - Tools to process MediaWiki dump files
Parse::MediaWikiDump::Links - Object capable of processing link dump files
Parse::MediaWikiDump::Pages - Object capable of processing dump files with a single revision per article
Parse::MediaWikiDump::Revisions - Object capable of processing dump files with multiple revisions per article
Parse::MediaWikiDump::link - Object representing a link from one article to another
Parse::MediaWikiDump::page - Object representing a specific revision of a MediaWiki page
Parse::MediaWikiDump::category_link in lib/Parse/MediaWikiDump/category_link.pm
Parse::MediaWikiDump::CategoryLinks in lib/Parse/MediaWikiDump/CategoryLinks.pm
Parse::MediaWikiDump::XML::Accumulator in lib/Parse/MediaWikiDump/XML.pm
Parse::MediaWikiDump::XML::Accumulator::Engine in lib/Parse/MediaWikiDump/XML.pm
Parse::MediaWikiDump::XML::Accumulator::Node in lib/Parse/MediaWikiDump/XML.pm
Parse::MediaWikiDump::XML::Accumulator::Root in lib/Parse/MediaWikiDump/XML.pm
Parse::MediaWikiDump::XML::Accumulator::TextCapture in lib/Parse/MediaWikiDump/XML.pm
Changes for version 1.0.6
  • Added option to pass input to ::Pages constructor via named parameters so
    • that MediaWiki::DumpFile::Compat and ::Pages share the same API
  • Fix for bug #58196 - error "not a MediaWiki link dunp file" due
    • to absence of 'LOCK TABLES ...' line in link dump file?
  • Software is nearly retired, only need more testing on MediaWiki::DumpFile::Compat;
    • Please begin using MediaWiki::DumpFile::Compat instead of this package and
    • report problems if you encounter them.

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