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Changes for version 2.21

  • Bug Fixes
  • Bleadperl v5.15.6 breaks make test: "Invalid version format (non-numeric data) at blib/lib/Parse/Trace.pm line 29" Added filter in findName to skip symbols containing any /\W/ character.
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  • Parse::ALex - Generator of lexical analyzers - abstract class
  • Parse::CLex - Generator of lexical analyzers - consuming recoginzed data
  • Parse::Lex - Generator of lexical analyzers - moving pointer inside text
  • Parse::LexEvent - Generator of event-oriented lexical analyzers (1.00 ALPHA)
  • Parse::Token - Definition of tokens used by Parse::Lex
  • Parse::Trace - Trace functions used by the lexical analyzers
  • Parse::YYLex - Version of Parse::Lex to be used by a byacc parser.