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Shawn M Moore
Path::Dispatcher::Cookbook - A cookbook for Path::Dispatcher
Path::Dispatcher - flexible and extensible dispatch
Path::Dispatcher::Dispatch - a list of matches
Path::Dispatcher::Match - the result of a successful rule match
Path::Dispatcher::Path - path and some optional metadata
Path::Dispatcher::Role::Rules - "has a list of rules"
Path::Dispatcher::Rule - predicate and codeblock
Path::Dispatcher::Rule::Alternation - any rule must match
Path::Dispatcher::Rule::CodeRef - predicate is any subroutine
Path::Dispatcher::Rule::Empty - matches only the empty path
Path::Dispatcher::Rule::Enum - one of a list of strings must match
Path::Dispatcher::Rule::Eq - predicate is a string equality
Path::Dispatcher::Rule::Intersection - all rules must match
Path::Dispatcher::Rule::Metadata - match path's metadata
Path::Dispatcher::Rule::Regex - predicate is a regular expression
Path::Dispatcher::Rule::Sequence - a sequence of rules
Path::Dispatcher::Rule::Tokens - predicate is a list of tokens
Path::Dispatcher::Rule::Under - rules under a predicate
Path::Dispatcher::Rule::Chain in lib/Path/Dispatcher/Rule/Chain.pm
Changes for version 1.05
    • eval q{$'} before regex match when needed to soothe bleadperl Thanks Dave Mitchell! http://www.nntp.perl.org/group/perl.perl5.porters/2013/03/msg200156.html

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