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Dave Rolsky
Pg::CLI - Run Postgres CLI utilities
Pg::CLI::createdb - Wrapper for the createdb utility
Pg::CLI::dropdb - Wrapper for the dropdb utility
Pg::CLI::pg_config - Wrapper for the psql utility
Pg::CLI::pg_dump - Wrapper for the pg_dump utility
Pg::CLI::pg_restore - Wrapper for the pg_restore utility
Pg::CLI::psql - Wrapper for the psql utility
Pg::CLI::Role::Connects in lib/Pg/CLI/Role/Connects.pm
Pg::CLI::Role::Executable in lib/Pg/CLI/Role/Executable.pm
Pg::CLI::Role::HasVersion in lib/Pg/CLI/Role/HasVersion.pm
Changes for version 0.11
    • Added Pg::CLI::createdb and Pg::CLI::dropdb classes.
    • Made the database argument optional for Pg::CLI::psql->run(). There are some options (like "psql -l") that don't require a database.

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