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Joel Berger
Physics::UEMColumn - An Implementation of the Analytic Gaussian (AG) Model for Ultrafast Electron Pulse Propagation
Physics::UEMColumn::Accelerator - Base class for acceleration regions in a UEM system
Physics::UEMColumn::Column - Class representing a column for the Physics::UEMColumn simulation
Physics::UEMColumn::DCAccelerator - A class representing a DC acceleration region in a UEM system
Physics::UEMColumn::Element - Base class for "optical" elements in a UEM system
Physics::UEMColumn::MagneticLens - A class representing a magnetic lens in a UEM system
Physics::UEMColumn::Photocathode - Class representing a photocathode for the Physics::UEMColumn simulation
Physics::UEMColumn::Pulse - Class representing a pulse for the Physics::UEMColumn simulation
Physics::UEMColumn::RFCavity - A class representing an RF cavity in a UEM system
Physics::UEMColumn::Auxiliary in lib/Physics/UEMColumn/Auxiliary.pm
Changes for version 0.901
    • Various bug fixes
    • Remove bin model initial conditions (see Physics::Photoemission on github)
    • Use Dowell initial conditions

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