use strict;
use warnings;

use Getopt::Long;
use Pod::2::DocBook;
use Pod::Usage;

my $doctype = 'section';
my $spaces  = 2;
my ($title, $double_quotes, $help, $no_header);

pod2usage unless GetOptions ('doctype=s'           => \$doctype,
			     'title=s'             => \$title,
			     'spaces=i'            => \$spaces,
			     'fix-double-quotes'   => \$double_quotes,
			     'no-header'           => \$no_header,
			     'help'                => \$help,

pod2usage if     $help;
pod2usage unless grep { $doctype eq $_ } qw(article chapter
					    refentry section);
pod2usage unless $spaces =~ /^\d+$/;

if (@ARGV == 0) {
    $title = '' unless defined $title;
    my $parser = Pod::2::DocBook->new (title => $title,
				    doctype => $doctype,
				    fix_double_quotes => $double_quotes,
				    header => ! $no_header,
				    spaces => $spaces);

else {
    my ($infile, $outfile) = @ARGV;

    ($title) = $infile =~ m!([^/]+)\z! unless defined $title;
    my $parser = Pod::2::DocBook->new (title => $title,
				    doctype => $doctype,
				    fix_double_quotes => $double_quotes,
				    header => ! $no_header,
				    spaces => $spaces);

    if (defined $outfile) {
	$parser->parse_from_file ($infile, $outfile);

    else {
	$parser->parse_from_file ($infile);

=head1 NAME

pod2docbook - Convert POD data to DocBook SGML


pod2docbook [B<--help>]
[B<--title>=I<title>] S<[B<--spaces>=I<# spaces per indent level>]>
[B<--fix-double-quotes>] [B<--no-header>] S<[I<infile> [I<outfile>]]>


B<pod2docbook> converts files from pod format (see L<perlpod>) to
DocBook 4.2 SGML (see L<http://www.docbook.org/>).  The program itself
is merely a driver for the Pod::2::DocBook class; if you're interested in
details of pod-to-SGML translation see L<Pod::2::DocBook>.



=item [B<--help>]

Print usage and exit.

=item [B<--doctype>=B<article>|B<chapter>|B<section>|B<refentry>]

Specifies the document type for the output file; the default is

=item [B<--title>=I<title>]

Specifies the document title.  The default is I<infile>, if it is
supplied, or empty string otherwise.

=item [B<--spaces>=I<# spaces per indent level>]

Specifies the number of spaces per indent level in the SGML output;
the default is 2.

=item [B<--fix-double-quotes>]

Replace pairs of double quotes in regular paragraphs with <quote> and
</quote> (see L<Pod::2::DocBook> for details).

=item [B<--no-header>]

Omit the DOCTYPE line from the output.

=item I<infile>

The name of the file from which to read pod source; if not supplied,
STDIN is used for input.

=item I<outfile>

The name of the file to which to write SGML; if not supplied, STDOUT
is used for output.


=head1 SEE ALSO

L<perlpod>, L<Pod::2::DocBook>

=head1 AUTHOR

Nandu Shah <nandu@zvolve.com>


Copyright 2004, Nandu Shah <nandu@zvolve.com>

This program is free software; you may redistribute it and/or modify
it under the same terms as Perl itself