Christopher J. Madsen



Changes for version 2.20

  • API improvements:
  • Added use_functions method, which selects functions from a library provided by new module PostScript::File::Functions.
  • Added set_min_langlevel method
  • Added all_comments strip type
  • Renamed methods add_function, get_functions, & has_function to add_procset, get_procsets, & has_procset. The old names are still available for backwards compatibility, but their use is deprecated.
  • Multi-line string literals are now protected from comment/whitespace stripping.
  • Fixed bug: add_preview might strip the preview
  • Fixed bug: check_tilde treated "0" like the empty string
  • Private methods bbox_comment, pre_pages, post_pages, & print_file were renamed. You shouldn't have been using them anyway.
  • The get_ordinal method is now private. While it was formerly documented, it unnecessarily exposed the internals and had no real use.
  • The documentation has been cleaned up.