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David Muir Sharnoff
Proc::JobQueue - job queue with dependencies, base class
Proc::JobQueue::Command - run shell commands in the background
Proc::JobQueue::DependencyJob - dependency-aware job object for Proc::JobQueue
Proc::JobQueue::DependencyQueue - [DEPRECATED] JobQueue combined with a dependency graph
Proc::JobQueue::DependencyTask - callbacks for use with Proc::JobQueue
Proc::JobQueue::EventQueue - JobQueue combined with IO::Event
Proc::JobQueue::Job - The $job objects for Proc::JobQueue
Proc::JobQueue::Move - move files from one place to another
Proc::JobQueue::RemoteDependencyJob - add a remote job to a dependency queue
Proc::JobQueue::Sequence - do a sequence of background jobs
Proc::JobQueue::Sort - sort files in the background
Proc::JobQueue::BackgroundQueue in lib/Proc/JobQueue/BackgroundQueue.pm

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