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Tom Molesworth
Protocol::BitTorrent - protocol-level support for BitTorrent and .torrent files
Protocol::BitTorrent::Bencode - mixin for bencode/bdecode support
Protocol::BitTorrent::Message - base class for BitTorrent messages
Protocol::BitTorrent::Message::Choke - choke message support
Protocol::BitTorrent::Message::Handshake - initial bittorrent peer handshake message
Protocol::BitTorrent::Message::Have - have message support
Protocol::BitTorrent::Message::Interested - mark peer as interested
Protocol::BitTorrent::Message::Keepalive - simple keepalive packet
Protocol::BitTorrent::Message::Piece - contains partial piece data
Protocol::BitTorrent::Message::Port - indicates TCP/UDP port to use
Protocol::BitTorrent::Message::Uninterested - indication of disinterest
Protocol::BitTorrent::Metainfo - support for metainfo as found in .torrent files
Changes for version 0.004
    • Multiple file support (thanks Peter)
    • Script for showing information about a torrent (examples/show.pl)

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