Class::Skin version 0.04

  Copyright (c) 2002 Ockham Technology N.V. & Rani Pinchuk.  
  All rights reserved.  
  This package is free software; you can redistribute it and/or 
  modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.

      ***   THIS IS AN ALPHA CODE   ***
      ***   THIS IS AN ALPHA CODE   ***
      ***   THIS IS AN ALPHA CODE   ***

You have been warned. See also the author notes below.


The Class::Skin class implements the Skin design pattern. 
It helps the user to create text out of text templates (skins). 

See The Skin Pattern - Yonat Sharon & Rani Pinchuk - PLoP2K -
for some reasons for using this class.


To install this module type the following:

   perl Makefile.PL
   make test
   make install


This module requires these other modules and libraries:

  flex & byacc - see


  This module is used in our company for few weeks now in quite big 
  project. It looks currently stable, although I had a bug fix only
  last week. In any case it is very new in CPAN. If there are problems, 
  suggestions, patches or comments - please email me.

Rani Pinchuk