DB_File::DB_Database 0.031

This is the README file for the DB_File::DB_Database packages. Please read it 
if you install this module for the first time or if there are
some problems with the module.

This module can handle DB_File database(DB_HASH, key/value pairs) as a table. 
It also can create index files(DB_BTREE) to faster the searching speed. It is 
an Beta version, use it at your own risk.

        Perl 5.004 is required.	DB_File is required.
        To verify the DB_File is installed and work well first is better.
	Download the tar.gz, unpack it, change to the DB_File::DB_Database
	directory. Then do

		perl Makefile.PL
		make install

	instead of just perl Makefile.PL, and in your scripts do
		use lib '/your/directory';
		use DB_File::DB_Database;

	You are free to just copy the 'lib' directory where you want it to
	have. This should work.

Problems and bug reports:
	run the flowering to test the package.

	If you found any bugs or make any patches, I would be appriciate 
	to hear from you.

If it works for you:
	I'd appreciate any message if you use the module and find it
	usefull -- I'm just curious what tasks people use the module
	for and what they expect from it. You can of course also
	send something more valuable.

Copyright: (c) 2001 Ran Ningyu, 
	rny@yahoo.com.cn http://perl.yesky.net/ at SouthEast University, Nanjing, China.
	All rights reserved. This package is free software; you can redistribute
	it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.


0.031  2001.10.22: Fix test fail bug, thanks to J├Ârgen<jorgen@elfi.org>

0.03   2001.05.14: Fix some tiny bugs, Perl -w could run

0.02   2001.05.02: Fixed some tiny bugs.

0.013  2001.04.22: First Released Privately