Changes for version 0.04

  • fixed a bug in Text::Balanced that caused blocks to be incorrectly extracted when they contained backslashed followed by a newline. As a result Text::Balanced 1.84 is now required.
  • fixed a bug which caused some backslash escapes to fail in IDENT tokens (thanks to Bjoern Hoehrmann)
  • fixed a stupid precedence bug in the RGB regex and the float regex (patch by Steffen Goeldner)
  • HTML end comments didn't work properly (Steffen Goeldner)
  • @import looked for uri instead of url (Steffen Goeldner)
  • added the possibility to parse properties that start with a '-'. I don't think that's too spec clean, but a lot of people seem to want those as extensions in various browsers (suggested by BH).
  • added _ to the IDENT characters (it's in CSS2 Errata)
  • fixed @page parsing (patch by SG)


SAC CSS parser
base class for SAC conditions
SAC AttributeConditions
SAC CombinatorConditions
SAC ContentConditions
SAC LangConditions
SAC NegativeConditions
SAC PositionalConditions
the default ConditionFactory
base class for SAC selectors
SAC CharacterDataSelector
SAC ConditionalSelector
SAC DescendantSelector
SAC ElementSelector
SAC NegativeSelector
SAC ProcessingInstructionSelector
SAC SiblingSelector
SAC SimpleSelector
the default SelectorFactory
SAC SelectorLists


in lib/CSS/SAC/
in lib/CSS/SAC/