- Using Template.{t,pm} is a little counter-intuitive -- this looks
    like it's a ragular Perl module, instead of a template (despite the
    name).  I'd use something like _skeleton.pm and _skeleton.t for
    these files. (darren chamberlain <dlc@users.sourceforge.net>)

  - Something that I would consider adding is the ability to choose
    different Template.pm's -- for example, if you are creating an Apache
    module, as opposed to a POE component, the template you will want to
    use will be radically different.  I think something like named templates
    would work, so that:

      newpmdist -t Apache Foo::Bar

    Would look for Apache.pm in ~/.newpm instead of Template.pm.  Of course,
    this will break if you're writing a Template Toolkit plugin, but see my
    previous comment about _skeleton.pm.
        (darren chamberlain <dlc@users.sourceforge.net>)

- POD based help.  POD needs to be generated so man pages work as

- Configurability: .newpmrc?

- Update CHANGES file (make this pluggable, everyone's got a different format).

- Get newpmbin to add/update EXEFILES => [...]
    - Warn if it can't parse it.

- Options: let templates defined options so, for instance, a user can

      $ newpm lib/Foo/Bar.pm --class

  to add in default class methods.  The template should be selected
  when the module spec is encountered during CLI parsing and it should
  declare what options it can take.

- Support Module::Builder's way of thought

- rmpm
    - Gets rid of the file/module and its test script (if any)
    - lists all possible references to it using greppm
    - options to delete all references or jsut use/require references.
    - update MANIFEST

- greppm
    - perl regexps (of course)
    - note whether the line is pod or code
    - --nopod, --pod
    - always print filename and line number info so editors can parse
      the results.
    - allow fixed-width "file, #" labels so source code is all indented
    - perhaps do tab expansion to get consistent output
    - -r (recurse on dirnames) by default
    - -I (skip binary files) by default
    - search . by default, but skipping blib and pm_to_blib.  Use '-'
      to grep stdin.

- bumpver
    - increments a module's version number

- scanprereqs
    - Use one of the prereq scanning modules to look for prereqs
    - See if Makefile lists them
    - perhaps update Makefile.PL (or other def files)