#!/usr/local/bin/perl -w

use Module::Husbandry qw( parse_cli cppm );

cppm parse_cli \@ARGV, {
    param_count  => 2,
         => "Recursively copy all modules under <from> to be under <to> (TODO)",
    examples => <<END_USAGE,
%p From::Module       To::Module        # Use module names
%p lib/From/Module.pm lib/To/Module.pm  # or paths from main project dir
%p lib/From/Module.pm To::Module        # or mix and match
%p -r From            To                # move dir tree
%p -r lib/From        lib/To            # move dir tree
    description => <<END_DESCRIPTION
Copies one or more modules and test scripts.

TODO: The "or more" part (the -r option).

TODO: Generate patch files for backups to make rollback easier.

TODO: Generate patch files instead of acting, to allow a user to
edit the patch file to determine what not to change by deleting or
altering chunks.


Does not remove newly empty directories.

Will misfire when handed source module names that match other
words in the source files:  cppm a b would also change all
occurences of the word "a" in all files under ., for instance.