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portable multitasking and networking framework for Perl
Switches and Knobs for POE Internals
provides initialization interface for POE::Resources
a POE servlet class
a simplified TCP client
a simplified TCP server
an abstract file driver
an abstract sysread/syswrite file driver
a protocol abstraction
filter between streams and blocks
POE Data Grepping Filter
convert stream to HTTP::Request; HTTP::Response to stream
filter data as lines
POE Data Mapping Filter
POE Record Block Abstraction
freeze data for sending; thaw data when it arrives
POE Multiple Filter Abstraction
pass through data unchanged (a do-nothing filter)
an event driven threaded application kernel in Perl
documentation for POE's event loop bridge interface
a bridge that supports Event.pm from POE
a bridge that supports Gtk's event loop from POE
a bridge that supports IO::Poll from POE
plain Perl signal handlers used by many loops
a bridge that supports select(2) from POE
a bridge that supports Tk's event loop from POE
a bridge that supports Tk's event loop from POE
common features of POE's Tk event loop bridges
event driven nondeterministic finite automaton
common functions for POE::Pipe::OneWay and ::TwoWay
portable one-way pipe creation (works without POE)
portable two-way pipe creation (works without POE)
a macro/const/enum preprocessor
documentation for POE's priority queue interface
a high-performance array-based priority queue
documentation for POE's internal event watchers/generators
manage session aliases for POE::Kernel
Switches and Knobs for POE Internals
manage events for POE::Kernel
tagged "extra" ref. count management for POE::Kernel
manage file handles on behalf of POE::Kernel
session ID management for POE::Kernel
manage session data structures for POE::Kernel
signal management for POE::Kernel
Runtime statistics for POE programs
an event driven abstract state machine
high-level protocol logic
non-blocking Curses.pm input for full-screen console apps
follow the tail of an ever-growing file
accept connections from regular listening sockets
prompted terminal input
buffered non-blocking I/O
event driven fork/exec with added value
non-blocking socket creation and management
Automatic install of dependencies via CPAN
run perl standard test scripts with statistics
simple assert
Internal Test::Harness Iterator
detailed analysis of test results


in tests/30_loops/00_base/ses_nfa.pm
in tests/30_loops/00_base/ses_session.pm
in tests/30_loops/00_base/ses_session.pm
in tests/30_loops/00_base/ses_session.pm
in mylib/MyOtherFreezer.pm
in mylib/Devel/Null.pm
in tests/30_loops/00_base/ses_nfa.pm
in lib/POE/Loop/Event.pm
in lib/POE/Loop/Gtk.pm
in lib/POE/Loop/IO_Poll.pm
in lib/POE/Loop/PerlSignals.pm
in lib/POE/Loop/Select.pm
in lib/POE/Loop/Tk.pm
in lib/POE/Loop/TkActiveState.pm
in lib/POE/Loop/TkCommon.pm
in lib/POE/Resource/Aliases.pm
in lib/POE/Resource/Controls.pm
in lib/POE/Resource/Events.pm
in lib/POE/Resource/Extrefs.pm
in lib/POE/Resource/FileHandles.pm
in lib/POE/Resource/SIDs.pm
in lib/POE/Resource/Sessions.pm
in lib/POE/Resource/Signals.pm
in lib/POE/Resource/Statistics.pm
in lib/POE/Loop/TkActiveState.pm
in lib/POE/Macro/UseBytes.pm
in tests/20_resources/00_base/controls.pm
in tests/30_loops/00_base/ses_session.pm
in lib/POE/Resources.pm
in lib/POE/Wheel/ReadLine.pm
in mylib/PoeBuildInfo.pm
in tests/30_loops/00_base/ses_nfa.pm
in tests/30_loops/00_base/ses_nfa.pm
in mylib/Test/Harness/Iterator.pm
in mylib/Test/Harness/Iterator.pm
in mylib/TestSetup.pm
in tests/30_loops/00_base/ses_session.pm
in tests/30_loops/00_base/ses_session.pm