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Richard Clamp
File::Find::Rule::Extending - the mini-guide to extending File::Find::Rule
File::Find::Rule::Procedural - File::Find::Rule's procedural interface
findrule - command line wrapper to File::Find::Rule
File::Find::Rule - Alternative interface to File::Find
Changes for version 0.20_01
    • split the documentation of the procedural interface out to File::Find::Rule::Procedural, as people often seem to get confused that the method calls don't take anonymous arrays after seeing the procedural code that did
    • Chunky internal restructure. Now we compile a match sub from code fragments. Though more complex, this is a big speed win as it eliminates a lot of the subroutine dispatch.
    • During the restructure we lost the ->test method. I hope that it's not missed, since maintining it through a deprecation cycle would be fiddly with the current _compile code.
    • Split the findrule tests into their own file, and just skip the tricky ones on Win32.

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