1.24    Friday 14th July, 2006
	Cope with slurp_tree("some_path/") (ie, with a trailing slash) and
	slurp_tree("/") (still not really recommended).

1.23	Thursday 11th May, 2006
	Specify binmode in the calls to read_file and write_file - should
	hopefully fix http://rt.cpan.org/Ticket/Display.html?id=14665
	(problem with images on Win32)
	Drop reference to rt.cpan in L</BUGS>

1.22	Tuesday, 12th August 2003
	lose the dependency on Exporter::Simple, which opens us up to
	5.6 users.  Thanks to Gavin Estey for this work.
	went one step further and backported to 5.00503.  Thank the
	Northern Line for being slow

1.21	Wednesday, 6th August 2003
	initial CPAN release