Author image Richard Clamp
and 1 contributors


  itshell - a shell for searching and downloading from an itunes server


  itshell [servername [serverport]]


This program connects to an iTunes server and lets you search the playlists and songs and download the music files to your local filesystem.

The following commands are valid from within the shell:

  db                   view possible databases
  db id                select a database
  playlist             view possible playlists
  playlist id          select a playlist
  find keyword         search song title/album/artist for keyword
  dir                  show where files will be saved
  dir /new/dir         set new location for files to be saved
  findget keyword      search for and immediately get title/album/artist
  get id ...           download a song
  url id ...           view persistent URL for a song or playlist
  dump filename        dump databases to the filename
  quit                 leave this shell


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