0.09    Tuesday 23rd May, 2006
    Fixed for newer versions of POE where POE::Filter::HTTPD has
    changed representation from hashref to arrayref.

0.08	Friday 2nd September, 2005
    Added documentation and tests for streaming mode from Philip Gwyn.
    Fixes for rt.cpan.org bugs #6747, #11349
    Fixed t/30_error.t's call to Test::Builder.

0.07	Tuesday 22nd March, 2005
    Make the test for 'close' in the Connection: close case
    insensitive (iPhoto 5 fixup from Dieter Mücke)

0.06	Sunday 2nd January, 2005
    Added status messages to t/10_run.t
    Added default ErrorHandler, that prints a simple message to STDERR
    Improved detection of keepalive close
    Renamed t/compile.t to t/00_compile.t
    Added t/10_run.t
    Added t/30_error.t
    Added support for ErrorHandler
    Added DEBUG messages to HTTP.pm
    Added ->is_error to response and request objects
    Renamed Handler to Queue to minimize confusion in code.
    Cleaned up sub execute {} where $state was being set at funny places
    Reorganized Map, for ErrorHandler and so that filenames don't get a 
            trailing /
    ->create() now returns a hashref, keys are httpd or tcp, values
    are the session aliases of the respective sessions.
	All work except test fixups by Philip Gwyn

0.05	Tuesday 27th July, 2004
	Rejigged things into the new-fangled lib/*, t/*.t arrangement (richardc)
	The Fotango opensource repository is now subversion:
	HTTP/1.1 keepalive behaviour

0.04  Thu Oct  9 13:43:46 BST 2003
        Removed old _signal handler
        Specified correct dependencies in makefile
	Imported into Fotango opensource CVS at

0.03  Thu Nov 14 07:01:42 CET 2002
	Applied patch https://rt.cpan.org/NoAuth/Bug.html?id=1609 from
	Eric Calder to add a new shutdown event.
	Added signature file

0.02  2002-03-17
	Incorpated long overdue patch from Matt Sargeant to support 5.005
	Removed "use CGI::Cookie" since it wasn't used in the code.
	Changed typo to avoid warning (From Eric Calder).
	Made the installation work as intended with the subclasses

0.01  Wed Jan 16 21:57:03 2002
	First release