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Alberto Attilio Reggiori
DBD::RDFStore - Simple DBI driver for RDFStore using RDQL:Parser
DBMS - Perl5 access to a dbms server.
RDFStore - Perl extesion to store and query RDF graphs
RDFStore::Digest::Digestable - implementation of the Digestable RDF API
RDFStore::Literal - An RDF Literal Node implementation
RDFStore::Model - An implementation of the Model RDF API using tied hashes and implementing free-text search on literals
RDFStore::NodeFactory - An RDF node factory implementation
RDFStore::Object - A very useful abstration over an RDFStore::Model
RDFStore::Parser - Interface to an RDF parser
RDFStore::Parser::NTriples - This module implements a streaming N-Triples parser
RDFStore::Parser::SiRPAC - This module implements a streaming RDF Parser as a direct implementation of XML::Parser::Expat(3)
RDFStore::Parser::Styles::RDFStore::Model - This module is a RDFStore::Parser::SiRPAC(3) filter to ingest records into an RDFStore::Model(3).
RDFStore::Parser::Styles::RDFStore::Statement - This module is a RDFStore::Parser::SiRPAC(3) filter to generate RDFStore::Statements
RDFStore::RDFNode - An RDF graph node
RDFStore::Resource - An RDF Resource Node implementation
RDFStore::SchemaModel - implementation of the SchemaModel RDF API
RDFStore::Serializer - Interface to an RDF model/graph serializer
RDFStore::Serializer::NTriples - Serialise a model/graph to W3C RDF Test Cases N-Triples syntax
RDFStore::Serializer::RDFXML - Serialise a model/graph to W3C RDF/XML syntax
RDFStore::Serializer::RSS - Serialise a model/graph to its XML RSS1.0 representation
RDFStore::Statement - An RDF Statement implementation
RDFStore::Util::Digest - Utility library to manage SHA-1 cryptographic digests
RDFStore::Util::UTF8 - Utility library to manage UTF8 strings
RDFStore::VirtualModel - implementation of the VirtualModel RDF API
RDFStore::Vocabulary::Generator - implementation of the Vocabulary Generator RDF API
RDQL::Parser - A simple top-down LL(1) RDQL and SPARQL parser
Util::BLOB - Simple interface to de/serialise perl references with Storable
DBD::RDFStore::db in lib/DBD/RDFStore.pm
DBD::RDFStore::db::constraints in lib/DBD/RDFStore.pm
DBD::RDFStore::dr in lib/DBD/RDFStore.pm
DBD::RDFStore::st in lib/DBD/RDFStore.pm
RDFStore::Model::Iterator in lib/RDFStore/Model.pm
RDFStore::Parser::SiRPAC::DataElement in lib/RDFStore/Parser/SiRPAC.pm
RDFStore::Parser::SiRPAC::Element in lib/RDFStore/Parser/SiRPAC.pm
RDFStore::SchemaModel::Iterator in lib/RDFStore/SchemaModel.pm
RDFStore::Vocabulary::DAML in lib/RDFStore/Vocabulary/DAML.pm
RDFStore::Vocabulary::DC in lib/RDFStore/Vocabulary/DC.pm
RDFStore::Vocabulary::DCQ in lib/RDFStore/Vocabulary/DCQ.pm
RDFStore::Vocabulary::DCT in lib/RDFStore/Vocabulary/DCT.pm
RDFStore::Vocabulary::FOAF in lib/RDFStore/Vocabulary/FOAF.pm
RDFStore::Vocabulary::OWL in lib/RDFStore/Vocabulary/OWL.pm
RDFStore::Vocabulary::RDF in lib/RDFStore/Vocabulary/RDF.pm
RDFStore::Vocabulary::RDFS in lib/RDFStore/Vocabulary/RDFS.pm
RDFStore::Vocabulary::RDFStoreContext in lib/RDFStore/Vocabulary/RDFStoreContext.pm
RDFStore::Vocabulary::RSS in lib/RDFStore/Vocabulary/RSS.pm

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