This is a light weight HTTP server that serves files as well as attaching
function calls to URL requests.  This allows you to do a lot of things:

- embed the web server into your program and serve up
  anything your program can do

- make a file available for download that you created

- just take you CGI program and turn it into a stand
  alone HTTP server that you can run on any machine.

- lots lots more

Ryan Eatmon

  - URI              - Handles all of the URL magic

  - IO::Socket::SSL  - Allows for a secure web server
  - MIME::Base64     - Allows for Basic Authentication
  - Digest::MD5      - Allows for Digest Autentication


  perl Makefile.PL
  make install


  This update contains a new OOP style interface for requests and replies.
I also added support for PHP style server side sessions.

  The result of moving to the OOP interface is that the calling and return
structure for handlers has changed.  For those that want to upgrade to this
version of the module but do not want to have to rewrite your handlers
immediately there is a config option for the server.  'oldrequests'=>1 will
put the entire server back into the pre-1.0 style of handlers.  Giving you
a chance to install the module and play with it before undertaking the

  Aplogies for the change.