Revision history for FrameNet-WordNet-Detour

1.1    09/11/09
     - Added documentation
     - Made testing more robust

     - Fixed a bug in the weighting algorithm
     - Introduced the method version().

0.99c 10/14/06 
     - Fixed a bug in the documentation: get_message and get_name
       did not work.

0.99b 10/11/06
     - VERY small (but important) bugfix ...

0.99 10/10/06
     - Implemented a couple of helper methods in the Frame and 
       Data class to get rid of the dependency on
     - Testing stops if $WNHOME or $FNHOME is not set and gives
       a readable error message.
     - Fixed a bug in the limited condition. In the division for 
       making the results comparable in different runs, the factor
       was wrongly calculated in limited mode.

0.98 02/25/06
     - Switched to the named parameter style
       (-wnhome => "..."). This means, that old scripts have to be
       updated. Additionally, one can give the whole QueryData object
       (-wnquerydata => $obj).
     - due to licensing problems, the LU cache is removed from the
       package. Again, one needs FrameNet to install the detour.
     - removed all the Growl code (well, it was mostly useless...).
       Along with that, we removed the customize-script to make it 
       more reliable and easy to maintain - we're approaching 1.0, you
       know ;-)

0.97 10/11/05
     - Using of File::Spec for platform independency
     - the command line script now has growl capabilities 
       if running on Mac OS X. Just install the perl module Mac::Growl
       and use the parameter "--growl". Find out more about Growl
       on The growl code is automatically
       included at make time if the module Mac::Growl is present       
     - Redesign of FrameNet::WordNet::Detour::Frame with usage 
       of Class::MethodMaker
     - Redesign of FrameNet::WordNet::Detour::Data with usage 
       of Class::MethodMaker
     - More documentation
     - the command line script is now able to print also the
       frame evoking element and its similarity
     - Cache is now on Version 0.91 (due to the Changes in
       Detour::Frame and Detour::Data)
     - detour is no more static script, but can be configured while
       installing (make) using the Customizer. It is a pattern that
       allows the customization of perl code with make. More
       information about this can be found on 
     - (a lot) more reliable and wide tests
     - the LU cache (based on FrameNet 1.2) is now part of the
       module (script/make-luhash.PL). Therefore, it can be installed 
       without FrameNet. The hash will be created with the

0.96 09/27/05
     - Fixed several bugs in the demo code
     - get_all_framenames in the Data class now works and returns a reference
     - Fixed a bug in that causes WordNet::QueryData to produce
       a lot of error messages	
     - Fixed a bug: 'word#pos' now returns a list reference with 
       "empty result" if no result found  
     - query() now recognizes immediately if no synset is given and returns a nice
       error message
     - updated documentation of the detour script

0.95 08/22/05
     - Fixed bug, which resulted in choosing the wrong cache
     - Better Accessibility of the interesting properties via the
       Data-object. Additional methods:
       * get_number_of_frames
       * get_weight 
       * get_fees
       * get_frame
       * get_best_weight
     - Better documentation of the Data-object
     - Fixed a bug in the command line script ("-l" did not run
       the detour in limited mode)
     - Fixed a bug in the verbose output
     - Command line interface is now called "detour" instead of "Detour"

0.94 08/02/05
     - Fixed Makefile bugs
     - It is now possible to give the path to WordNet and FrameNet 
       as arguments to new()

0.93 07/23/05
     - Improved Caching
     - Semantics of WNHOME is now identically with it in other 
       WordNet-related modules
     - Detour can now initialize its own QueryData and Similarity
       objects. In the new-method, they should left out by now. This
       improves the performance of your scripts severly, since queries
       that are already cached are answered now without need of the
       QueryData-object, which takes around 15 seconds to load

0.92 07/22/05
     - More documentation
     - Introduced a command-line interface called Detour:
       * located in bin/
       * shows the basic use of the Detour
       * requires additional modules: Getopt::Long and Pod::Usage
     - Improvements on the robustness of the Detour

0.91 07/22/05
     - Better testing capabilities
     - More compatibility with CPAN
     - More (and better) documentation

0.90 07/21/05
     - Initial Release