detour - Command-line interface for FrameNet::WordNet::Detour


detour [options] synset

   -w, --weights  display weights for each frame
   -f, --fees     display the frame evoking elements
   -s, --sims     display the similarity for each evoking 
                     lexical unit. Implies --fees.
   -v             run in verbose mode
   -vv            run in debuging mode
   -l, --limited  run in limited mode
   --no-limited   run in unlimited mode
   -c, --cache    run using the cache
   --no-cache     do not use the cache
   --wn PATH      set path to WordNet
   --fn PATH      set path to FrameNet
   --version      show version information
   -h             show this help
   --man          show the manpage

   A specific synset (e.g. 'get#v#1') or all synsets for one 
   lexical unit for one part-of-speech (e.g. 'get#v')


detour is a small command line script that can be used to pose a query to the detour system. The detour system is a perl module, that can be found on CPAN (FrameNet::WordNet::Detour).


  $ detour --weight --sims -n=2 --limited drink#v#1
  Ingestion 0.198 (consume#v#2[0.5],have#v#6[0.5],imbibe#v#3[1],ingest#v#1[0.5]); Possession 0.01 (have#v#6[0.5]); Birth 0.01 (have#v#6[0.5]);

  # Frame Weight (fee[similarity], fee[similarity],...); Frame ...


Please report bugs to


Copyright 2005 Aljoscha Burchardt and Nils Reiter. All rights reserved.

This module is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.