Author image Roderick Garton

Changes for version 0.051

  • Statistics::Zed object cached during <new> so can be used repeatedly and shared between sub-modules
  • Vnomes: computes z-value from psisquare's p-value and uses this in dumps (as do the other sub-modules)


Tests of sequences for runs, joins, bunches, turns, doublets, trinomes, potential energy, etc.
the Wishart-Hirshfeld test of dichotomous sequences
Helmut Schmidt's test of force-like runs of a discrete state within a random distribution
The Runs-test (Wald-Walfowitz or Swed-Eisenhard Test)
Kendall's test for turning-points - peaks or troughs - in a numerical sequence
The Serial Test (psi-square) and Generalized Serial Test (delta psi-square) for equiprobability of v-nomes (or v-plets/bits) (Good's and Kendall-Babington Smith's tests)