Changes for version 2.011

  • Default to IO::Socket::IP with continued fallback to IO::Socket::INET6
  • Add double_reverse_lookups configuration and code
  • Cleanup hostname lookup under both IO::Socket::IP and IO::Socket::INET6
  • Change SSL to use IO::Socket::SSL SSL_startHandshake
  • Fix semaphore release
  • Update various POD issues
  • Finally add register_child method called if a child process is started.
  • Bugfix Net::Server::PSGI
  • Allow groups to be separated by ,
  • Allow . in usernames and groups
  • Allow space in config file values
  • Retro-actively acknowlege that 2.008 changed default Net::Server::HTTP type to PreFork (and update docs)
  • Fix Location bounce with other status set
  • Return status 400 under request_denied_hook in Net::Server::HTTP


Base Net::Server starting module


Extensible, general Perl server engine
Safe fork and daemonization utilities
Net::Server personality
very basic Net::Server based HTTP server class
Net::Server personality
Net::Server personality
Multiplex several connections within one process
basic Net::Server based PSGI HTTP server class
Net::Server personality
Net::Server personality
Net::Server Protocol compatibility layer
Net::Server SSL protocol.
Custom Net::Server SSL protocol handler based on Net::SSLeay.
Net::Server TCP protocol.
Net::Server UDP protocol.
Net::Server UNIX protocol.
Net::Server UNIXDGRAM protocol.
adpf - Safer signal handling
Net::Server personality


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in lib/Net/Server/
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