See the GetWeb home-page for an on-line demo:

See COPYING for copyright information.

Install Directions

You must have Perl 5.002 or Perl 5.003.

Install instructions for GetWeb 1.11 (1.1 release):

1.  First install libwww-perl with the following steps:

    a)  Install IO-1.12 or later
    b)  Install libnet-1.01 or later
    c)  Install libwww-perl-5.04 or later.  Ignore any MD5 warnings.

I have tested with both libwww-perl-5.04 and 5.07.  Please install
5.07 or later if you are installing a new libwww-perl from scratch.

2.  Install MIME-tools with the following steps:

    a)  Install MailTools-1.06 or later
    b)  Install MIME-tools-2.04 or later

I have tested with both MIME-tools-2.04 and 3.204.  3.204 encodes
Latin-1 accents a little better, so use 3.204 if you are installing
from scratch.

3.  Untar the latest GetWeb distribution into the getweb home
    directory.  Chdir to that directory.

4.  Run:

     # perl Makefile.PL
     # make
     # make test
     # make install

5.  Create a new user account, "getweb".

6.  Copy config/mailbot.config into /usr/local/getweb/config.  Edit
    it to reflect your local configuration.  (In particular, if you
    have a thicker link to the internet than our 56k line, you can
    set quota.message higher than our 70 messages per week.)

7.  For now, copy the pub/ area into /usr/local/getweb/pub.  You may
    want to change these files later.  (In particular, you should
    eventually change '' to the address that you
    are running getweb as.)

8.  Create a ~getweb/.forward file containing the following line:


    (Or, if you want to batch these, you can instead have getweb run
     a daemon process like: " -f /var/spool/mail/getweb".  If
     you do this, change set spool.get in mailbot.config to a command
     which fetches mail on your local system.)

AutoLoader Patch

If your file is buggy, you may get this line while
running 'make test':

      You must use AutoLoader.patch; see README file.  Test failed!

If so, you need to patch your Autoload file because of a bug in
perl5.003.  One way to do this is to apply AutoLoader.patch, included
in this distribution:

      # cd /usr/lib/perl5
      # ls
      # patch < /usr/home/getweb/GetWeb-x.xx/AutoLoader.patch