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Changes for version 0.08195_02

  • Fixes
    • Fix tests for DBD::SQLite >= 1.34.
    • Fix test failures with DBICTEST_SQLITE_USE_FILE set
    • Fix the find() condition heuristics being invoked even when the call defaults to 'primary' (i.e. when invoked with bare values)
    • Throw much clearer error on incorrect inflation spec
    • Fix incorrect storage behavior when first call on a fresh schema is with_deferred_fk_checks
    • Fix incorrect dependency on Test::Simple/Builder (RT#72282)
    • Fix uninitialized warning in ::Storage::Sybase::ASE
    • Improve/cache DBD-specific datatype bind checks (also solves a nasty memleak with version.pm on multiple ->VERSION invocations)
    • The internal carp module now correctly skips CAG frames when reporting a callsite
    • Fix test failures on perl < 5.8.7 and new Package::Stash::XS
    • Fix TxnScopeGuard not behaving correctly when $@ is set at the time of $guard instantiation
  • Misc
    • No longer depend on Variable::Magic now that a pure-perl namespace::clean is available
    • Drop Oracle's Math::BigInt req down to 1.80 - no fixes concerning us were made since
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