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Changes for version 0.08250_04

  • New Features / Changes
    • A new zero-to-DBIC style manual: DBIx::Class::Manual::QuickStart
  • Fixes
    • More robust handling of circular relationship declarations by loading foreign classes less frequently (should resolve issues like http://lists.scsys.co.uk/pipermail/dbix-class/2013-June/011374.html) Note that none of this is a manifestations of a DBIC bug, but rather unexpected (but correct) behavior of load-order-dependent (hence logically broken) Resultclass hierarchies. In order to deal with this DBIC is scaling back a large number of sanity checks, which are to be reintroduce pending a better framework for source registration
    • Fix multiple edge cases of complex prefetch combining incorrectly with correlated subquery selections
    • Fix multiple edge cases stemming from interaction of a non-selecting order_by specification and distinct and/or complex prefetch
    • Fix unbound growth of a resultset during repeated execute/exhaust cycles (GHPR#29)
    • Clarify ambiguous behavior of distinct when used with ResultSetColumn i.e. $rs->search({}, { distinct => 1 })->get_column (...)
    • Setting quote_names propagates to SQL::Translator when producing SQLite DDL (it is one of the few producers *NOT* quoting by default)
    • Fix incorrect binding of large integers on old versions of DBD::SQLite (now DBIC simply always binds SQLite ints as BIGINT)
    • Silence (harmless) warnings on recent DBD::SQLite versions, when inserting/updating large integers on 32bit ivsize systems (RT#76395)
    • Back out self-cleaning from DBIx::Class::Carp for the time being (as a side effect fixes RT#86267)
    • Fix incorrect internal use of implicit list context in copy()
    • Fix 0.08250 regression in driver determination when DBI_DSN is used
    • Tests no longer fail if $ENV{DBI_DSN} is set
    • Throw clearer exception on ->new_related() with a non-existent relationship
    • Fix incorrect parethesis unroll with multicolumn in, (never noticed before fixing false positive in SQLA::Test 1.77)
    • Fix t/storage/replicated.t class loading problem
    • Stop using the deprecated Class::MOP::load_class()
    • Fix warning in t/54taint.t with explicitly unset PERL5LIB (RT#91972)
  • Misc
    • Massive incompatible change of ::BlockRunner internals (was never documented as usable externally, this last set of changes settles the design for proper documentation and opening up)
    • Adjust exceptions in tests to accommodate changes in the upcoming DBD::SQLite based on libsqlite 3.8.2
    • Replace $row with $result in all docs to be consistent and to clarify various return values
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