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Changes for version 0.082700_03

  • Notable Changes and Deprecations
    • DBIC::FilterColumn now properly bypasses \'' and \[] literals, just like the rest of DBIC
    • DBIC::FilterColumn "from_storage" handler is now invoked on NULLs returned from storage
    • find() now throws an exception if some of the supplied values are managed by DBIC::FilterColumn (RT#95054)
    • Custom condition relationships are now invoked with a slightly different signature (existing coderefs will continue to work)
    • Add extra custom condition coderef attribute 'foreign_values' to allow for proper reverse-relationship-like behavior (i.e. $result->set_from_related($custom_rel, $foreign_result_object)
    • When in a transaction, DBIC::Ordered now seamlesly handles result objects that went out of sync with the storage (RT#96499)
    • CDBICompat::columns() now supports adding columns through supplied Class::DBI::Column instances (GH#52)
  • Fixes
    • Fix Resultset delete/update affecting *THE ENTIRE TABLE* in cases of empty (due to conditions) resultsets with multi-column keys
    • Fix on_connect_* not always firing in some cases - a race condition existed between storage accessor setters and the determine_driver routines, triggering a connection before the set-cycle is finished
    • Fix collapse being ignored on single-origin selection (RT#95658)
    • Fix incorrect behavior on custom result_class inflators altering the amount of returned results
    • Fix failure to detect stable order criteria when in iterator mode of a has_many prefetch off a search_related chain
    • Prevent erroneous database hit when accessing prefetched related resultsets with no rows
    • Proper exceptions on malformed relationship conditions (RT#92234)
    • Fix incorrect handling of custom relationship conditions returning SQLA literal expressions
    • Fix long standing bug with populate() missing data from hashrefs with different keysets: http://is.gd/2011_dbic_populate_gotcha (RT#92723)
    • Fix multi-value literal populate not working with simplified bind specifications
    • Massively improve the implied resultset condition parsing - now all applicable conditions within a resultset should be properly picked up by create() and populate()
    • Ensure definitive condition extractor handles bizarre corner cases without bombing out (RT#93244)
    • Fix set_column on non-native (+columns) selections (RT#86685)
    • Fix set_inflated_column incorrectly handling \[] literals (GH#44)
    • Ensure that setting a column to a literal invariably marks it dirty
    • Work around exception objects with broken string overloading in one additional codepath (missed in 0.08260)
    • Fix more inconsistencies of the quote_names attribute propagating to SQL::Translator (partially RT#87731)
    • Fix inability to handle multiple consecutive transactions with savepoints on DBD::SQLite < 1.39
    • Fix CDBICompat to match Class::DBI behavior handling non-result blessed has_a (implicit deflate via stringification and inflate via blind new) (GH#51)
  • Misc
    • Ensure source metadata calls always take place on the result source instance registered with the caller
    • IFF DBIC_TRACE output defaults to STDERR we now silence the possible wide-char warnings if the trace happens to contain unicode
    • Remove ::ResultSource::resolve_condition - the underlying machinery is in flux, and the method has had a deprecation warning for 5 years
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