Revision history for Perl extension Pod::Lyx and pod2lyx.


    - Fixed a bug that caused multi-word lists to not be output correctly.

    - Set default page margins such that we get more of the document on the
      page. The default margin is set such that there is room for you to punch
      holes in the page and not punch through any of the print. For now
      if you don't like the default margins you will need to use LyX's paper
      format menu to change it. If I get a bunch of complaints I will change

    - Added Labels to all of the sections in the document. This will be used
      for internal cross referances. Labels do not affect the printed output
      of the document.

    - Added initial support for the L<> pod command. For now if the L<>
      sequance includes text for the link I output that. Otherwise I output
      the contents of the link. I hope to have links completly working by the
      0.30 release.

    - Added a foot note to the first page that indicates what file was used to
      to generate the document. And if possible the version of the document.
      pod2lyx has an option to turn this feature off if you don't like it.

    - Fixed a bug that caused a list item to not get output correctly. Bassicly
      if a list item did not have a paragraph asciated with it then the item
      did not get output correctly. Like so:

        =item test

        =item test2

        =item test3

        some paragraph explaining the above items.

      What would happen in the above example is that test3 would be output but
      test and test2 would not. This is now fixed. This was caught when
      converting perlfunc. perlfunc.pod does this sort of thing quite a bit.
      And I believe other function referance pod's do it as well.

    - And of course some more minor bug fixes.


    - Added usage output from pod2lyx.
    - Added pod documentation to pod2lyx.
    - Moved ToDo list out of the README file and put in the TODO file.
    - Added and fixed the handling of multiparagraph lists. Run pod2lyx on
        ExtUtils::MakeMaker to see what I mean as it puts all kinds of stuff
        in a list.
    - Added the ability to handle multilevel lists.
    - Added the ability to automaticly place a pagebreak after the contents.
        See pod2lyx -help for information on how to do this.
    - Fixed many small bugs.

0.10  Tuesday May 3, 2000

    - Initial release.