My ToDo list:
1) Write better documentation
    Started - pod2lyx documentation is better but Pod::Lyx is not done.

2) Fix pod2lyx so that error messages are reported to the user versas just exit.
    done :)

3) Have pod2lyx display a usage screen
    Done. Added command line options for printing out the man page as well.

4) Work on creating links correctly.

5) Work on making those pod files that just don't look right look right.
    Started on this one but some work remains.

6) Work on the C<> bug. Actualy I'm not sure that I would classify this as a bug
   What happens is that certin pods use C<> to mark code examples instead of
   using verbatim. Detecting this is kinda hard as there are instances where
   C<> is used correctly. For now I'm doing what perlpod indicates I should
   do. But this just doesn't look good in some cases.

7) Implement handling of escapes in the pod file.

8) Look into putting a foot note on page one indicating the file name and
   version of the file/module used to generate the LyX file. This would let us
   know if we need to print a new copy when we update our software.


9) Make lists work better. In particular those lists with attached paragraphs.
    - Done. Also added support for multilevel lists while I was at it.

10) Develop a test case for Make.

11) Get E<> working. Actually if you know of a pod file that uses this drop me
    line at as I've yet to find one that does. But then again
    I haven't looked at all the pods yet either.