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SMS::Send::RedOxygen - SMS::Send driver for RedOxygen


  # Create a RedOxygen sender. For now, only AccountID+Password authentication
  # is supported; anonymous IP address based sending won't work.
  my $send = SMS::Send->new( 
      _accountid => 'RedOxygenAccountID',
      _password => 'RedOxygenPassword',
      _email => 'RegisteredEmail'
  # Send a message
      text => 'Hi there',
      to   => '+61 (4) 1234 5678',

  # An exception is thrown if the web API replies with a HTTP status
  # code other than a 2xx OK or if the reply body error code is anything
  # except 0000. The error can be found in the exception text.


This SMS::Send driver bridges the SMS::Send API to RedOxygen's web API for SMS sending. RedOxygen uses custom message formats and response codes and can't just be used via simple JSON POST calls.

To use this driver you must have a RedOxygen account, either a trial or full account. RedOxygen's rates are not flat across all regions on most accounts though such accounts may be negoated.

This driver requires numbers to be in full international format.

LWP::UserAgent must be available for this module to function. This is typically packaged as libwww-perl on many systems, and can also be installed from CPAN.


Bugs should be reported via the CPAN bug tracker at

For other issues, contact the author.


Craig Ringer <> using SMS::Send by Adam Kennedy.


Copyright 2012 Craig Ringer

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.

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