Changes for version 2.100861

  • the AllFiles plugin is now known as GatherDir
  • the InstallDirs plugin has been replaced by ExecDir and ShareDir
  • the PodTests plugin has been replaced by PodCoverageTests and PodSyntaxTests
  • the FixedPrereq role is replaced with PrereqSource
  • numerous improvements to testing libraries ...and numerous actual tests!
  • added include_dotfiles option to GatherDir allow relative root directory for GatherDir
  • AutoPrereq is now distributed with Dist::Zilla
  • AutoPrereq will make requirements only found in ./t "build_requires"
  • ConfirmRelease plugin added and made part of @Classic (dagolden)
  • MakeMaker-produced Makefile.PL will produce warnings less often
  • MakeMaker-produced Makefile.PL will require v6.31 for INSTALL_BASE
  • Prereq plugin can target config_requires, build_requires, etc
  • dzil takes -v arg to enable debugging globally or per-plugin
  • PkgVersion now adds a fully-qualified $VERSION variables, not 'our'
  • PruneCruft prunes MYMETA.yml
  • add 'dzil nop' command to initialize zilla object and exit
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