2.192     2007-11-01
          horrible hack to fix regrettable decision in use of Module::Pluggable
            (see https://rt.cpan.org/Ticket/Display.html?id=30183)

2.191     2007-10-21
          use Test mailer, not IO::All, to test internal interfaces
            (thanks, Andreas)

2.190     2007-09-18
          fix bugs exposed by new Test::More

2.189     2007-09-17
          fix bugs exposed by new Test::More

2.188     2007-06-19
          added ->deliveries to Test mailer

2.187     2007-04-05
          Email::Send::IO removed to Email-Send-IO distribution

2.186     2007-04-02
          fix test libraries to work on 5.005

2.185     2006-02-05
          no code changes, only test changes
          use UNLINK not CLEANUP for File::Temp::tempfile

2.184     2006-02-05
          no code changes, only test changes
          create tempdirs under t, in case TMPDIR or /tmp is noexec
          (spotted by MST)

2.183     2006-12-14
          fix test skip error on Win32; claimed to skip 1, then skipped 2
          thanks for the test report, Steffen Mueller!

2.182     2006-12-07
          skip/fix some tests on Win32
          move to/from finding to another method in ::SMTP

2.181     2006-11-25
          remove dependency on Class::Accessor::Fast, which broke its $VERSION

2.180     2006-08-23

          add support for TLS SMTP, based on a patch by Fayland Lam

2.171     2006-07-29

          improve tests and contents, giving up on Test::Without::Module

2.17      2006-07-28

          skip tests for optional functionality (bug 20740, eloy)
          fix typo in POD (thanks J. Cheetham!)

2.16      2006-07-24
          the without.t test no longer breaks if Test::Without::Module isn't

2.15      2006-07-21
          append, to not print, to IO::All objects
          added simple test for message modifier (response to bug from ABH)
          use File::Spec->path for path, not ENV{PATH} (bug 20109, Simon Flack)
          use Symbol.pm, not global filehandles
          undef is never a valid message
          remove use warnings
          plan all tests
          improve testing
          add pod tests

2.11      2006-07-05
          fixed bug introduced in 2.10; message modifiers were broken thanks ABH

2.10      2006-07-03
          improve portability of sendmail.t (rjbs)
          fix bugs with plugins outside Email::Send:: (rjbs)
          allow objects as mailers (rjbs)
          clarify documentation (rjbs)
          improve backwards compat with Email::Send 1 (see no-import.t) (rjbs)

2.05      2006-04-20
          Removed UNIVERSAL::require use.

2.04      2006-01-28
          Integrated Email::Send::Test (Adam Kennedy).

2.03      2006-01-28
          Updated tests to only check the interface of distributed mailers.
          Updated Email::Send::Sendmail to provide much more detail when mail
          fails to send. (Dave Rolksy and Casey West).

2.01      2006-01-17
          Updated tests to only check distributed mailers.
          Updated version numbers in all packages for proper indexing.

2.00      2005-12-15
          Grafted Classic interface but did not document it.

1.99_01   2005-05-09
          Major changes to API.
          Changes to Makefile.PL to aid in recommended module builds.
          Alpha-release of new interface.

1.46      2005-01-08
          SMTP was broken. I made a horrible mistake with my use of eval.
          Honestly, I feel quite silly. I'm sorry.
          Added eg/send-email.pl, a program to aid in testing and debuging of
          this code.

1.45      2004-12-22
          Bug in Email::Send::SMTP in collecting addresses to send for RCPT.
          Added more error checking in Email::Send::SMTP to return proper
          Updated dependencies.

1.44      2004-12-17
          Make Email::Send::SMTP use Return::Value for its returns. These are
          compatible with previous behavior, but offer more detail on just what
          went wrong.
          Require Return::Value as a dependency. Other mailers may begin using it
          for returns in the future.

1.43      2004-08-07
          Make Email::Send::SMTP send args to Net::SMTP with host first.  This
          makes older Net::SMTPs happy.

1.42      2004-07-29
          Remove hard dependency on Email::Abstract (for IO::All).
          Declare hard dependency on Email::Simple.

1.41      2004-07-20
          Only set defaults for $Sendmail and $Qmail in those mailers when the
          package variable is not already set (Peter Scott).
          SSL support for Email::Send::SMTP.
          Use different version scheme, I need more numbers.

1.4       2004-07-08
          Relaxed prereq on IO::All for testing.
          Included Bcc in list of addresses to MAIL TO: in Email::Send::SMTP.
          Now supports Net::SMTP's auth() (Aaron Trevena).

1.3       2004-07-05
          Doc typo in Email::Send::Sendmail (Martin 'Kingpin' Thurn).

1.2       2004-06-29
          Email::Send::SMTP now sends multiple MAIL commands for each address in
          the To and Cc headers. It does not fail when it encounters bad
          addresses, as long as at least one address succeeds.

1.1       2004-05-27
          Initial version.