Changes file for IPC::Run3

0.039	2007-11-01
  avoid some warnings while testing profiler (thanks, SCOP)

0.038	2007-10-08
  remove use warnings for 5.005 compat (thanks, David Golden)

0.037	2006-09-19
  document license more clearly for META.yml

0.036	2006-09-19
  document more clearly the return value of run3

0.035	2006-07-27
  remove requirement for Test::Pod and ::Coverage just to build

0.034	2005-12-12
	skip t/fork.t on MSWin32 (and Cygwin):
	  Win32 threads (and fork() is emulated via threads) in the
	  same process share the same STDIN/STDOUT/STDERR, hence
	  the method used by run3() (redirect STD* and then call system())
	  doesn't work here and IO crossover is to be expected -
	  a possible alternative on Win32 would be to use CreateProcess
	  which lets you explicitly specify three filehandles for the
	  new process' STDIN/STDOUT/STDERR; however Win32::Process::Create()
	  (from the libwin32 CPAN distribution) as omitted these
	  parameters from the Perl wrapper
	add a note to the documentation about the problems with
	  concurrent calls to run3 in a threaded environment 
	  (incl. fork() on Win32)
	make sure all tests run with warnings on

0.033	2005-11-15
	make documentation in IPC/Run3/ comply with
	  older versions of Pod::Coverage (fixes bug #15749)
	new version of t/fork.t that will work on Windows 
	  (there are still unresolved issues on Cygwin)
	switch t/fd_leak.t to use Test::More and relax file descriptor check
	  to "same or fewer fd's after the call to run3 than before", 
	  because Darwin 7.2 sometimes actually report fewer fd's
	  (fixes bug #15741)
	extricated some dead code from IPC/ that 
	  resulted in 6 unused file descriptors
	fix call to binmode missing a filehandle in IPC/
        fix warnings in test scripts

0.032	2005-10-19
        comaint granted to RSCHUPP (thanks, barry!)
        fix bug #15003 "Data corruption with fork when both parent 
          and child use run3": 
          - purge %fh_cache when we detect that a fork has happened
          - add t/fork.t to detect "crossover" between child processes
          - fix (and test) only works on Unix, Windows has more
            problems with run3 from a forked (pseudo) process
        fix prereq - should specify 0 (not 1) if any version will do
	added tests for redirection to/from filehandles to t/IPC-Run3.t

0.031   2005-09-27
        documentation improvements

0.020   2005-07-12 08:39:00 EST
        maintenance assumed (temporarily) by RJBS
        removed inexplicable and mysterious MY::libscan from Makefile.PL
        call import on ::PProf when profiling (argh!)
        add Time::HiRes prereq
        add Win32 prereq on Win32
        add () to gettimeofday call to make debugger happy
        properly handle redirection to filehandle
        properly handle failure to start program

0.010   2004-03-09 01:46:11 EST
        POD cleaned up
        shell quoting improved for win32 

0.009   2003-09-26 15:44:18 EDT
        CRLF bugs fixed on WinNT, WinXP, Win2K
        0.008 slipped out without an update to this file.

0.007   2003-04-01 09:02:21 EST
        Fixed STDIN fd leak on NT 4.51 and perhaps other Win32s
        Solved problem of world peace, see PEACE.txt
        Improved t/fd_leak.t

0.006   2003-03-21 12:07:47 EST
        Port to Win32
        Test for and eliminate an fd leak

0.005   2003-02-25 15:11:47 EST
        Fixed a few bugs in dealing with temp files and non-temp files

0.003   2003-02-11 15:47:59 EST
        use dup2() to overwrite STDIN for the child
        Added $ENV{IPCRUN3DEBUG} (and, silently, IPCRUNDEBUG) 
        debugging support.  TODO: Add more debugging warnings.

0.000_1 2003-02-04 15:09:30