Revision history for Perl extension Mail::Audit.

2.228     2013-09-28 21:11:48 America/New_York
          repackage, update repo and bugtracker metadata

2.227     2011-11-14
          avoid leaking filehandles for logging

2.226     2011-11-11
          do not an impossible-to-survive state when MimeEntity autotype fails

2.225     2009-11-23
          fix Pod error (thanks, FWIE)

2.224     2009
          improve documentation of log level

2.223     2008-04-17
          localize $@ in DESTROY to prevent clobbering of outer $@
          (thanks HDP; sorry to have cost you a day!)

2.222     2007-11-01
          count body lines without exploding

2.221     2007-09-17
          correct bugs exposed by new Test::More

2.220     2007-07-14
          fix a test to use File::HomeDir, to allow install as sudo-to-root

2.219     2007-06-14
          For security reasons, the log is now ~/mail-audit.log, not

          fix bug: logging wasn't working when processing mime messages
          add optional "reason" argument to ignore method
          _log method renamed to log and documented

2.218     2007-03-06
          remove List, Razor, and PGP plugins to their own dists
          this is the first step in paring down Mail::Audit

2.217     2007-03-05
          make the test skipped in 2.216 pass reliable (thanks to HDP for idea)

2.216     2007-02-26
          skip a test that doesn't pass reliably

2.215     2007-02-19
          subclass File::Tempdir to avoid cleaning up in forked child

2.214     2007-02-15
          refactor internals of emergency and default destinations

2.213     2007-02-15
          add a no_log option

2.212     2006-10-31
          try to avoid letting temp dirs linger too long

2.211     2006-09-19
          fix Mail::Audit::List breakage; it needs tests!; rt #20934

2.210     2006-09-19
          use File::HomeDir to reduce unix-o-centrism

2.203     2006-07-21
          update PEP information

2.202     2006-07-21
          test fix: don't rely on default mbox not existing; force it to fail
          prune list of sysexits.h-like error code constants

2.201     2006-07-16
          use File::Temp a few places where it's indicated
          add a munge_name arg to Mail::Audit::List
          pipe now returns the exit status of the pipe
          fix directory permissions
          fixed bugs in proc2ma (ticket 2982, thanks MARKSTOS)

2.200_05  2006-06-04
          more testing
          more tweaking
          more frustration

2.200_04  2006-06-04
          log now uses on-object filehandles, rather than globals
          delivery to msgprefix completely removed, as it was never implemented
          exit behavior somewhat encapsulated for testability
          PGP plugin now replaces, rather than adds, content type headers
          more tests

2.200_03  2006-06-01
          our first meaningful tests!
          also some POD tests
          POD cleaned up
          many undocumented modules given a _-prefix
          removed undocumented, bizarre inreplyto_and_references method

2.200_02  2006-05-30
          various code cleanup, including perltidy
          extra options, previously an optional hashref passed as first arg,
            should now be passed as the last arg; factored out and deprecation
            warning added; they were mostly undocumented
          moved to Module::Install

2.200_01  2006-05-24
          maintenance assumed by RJBS
          changes inherited from Meng Wong

2.1   -  2002-01-15 17:59:46
         Meng Weng Wong <> made some edits.

         ~username and strftime "interpolation" into accept() arguments.
         $mail->accept("~/Mail/In/%Y%m%d"); -> /home/matest/Mail/In/20020115

         multiple-argument accept() will deliver to multiple maildirs using
         single-inode multiple-hardlink style.

         emergency mailbox support if none of the accept()s work.

         deferral back to mailqueue if emergency couldn't get delivered.

         fixed the From header bug

         fixed the user method override bug with (@_) argument passing

         autocreation of parent and maildir cur/new/tmp dirs as necessary.

         support for MIME, with direct inheritance from Mail::Internet and
         MIME::Entity (as appropriate) instead of containment in ->{obj}. 
         added ->is_mime method.

         added "reply" method.  uses Mail::Mailer::sendmail.

         STDERR is directed to the logfile.

         added test infrastructure.

2.0   -  2001-12-10 19:51:17
         Jonathan Trull made Mail::Audit work with Exchange.
         Isn't that just gruesome?

         Fixed the following bugs:

1.11  -  Thu May 17 00:16:10 2001
         Header and body interfaces by Justin Mason

1.10  -  Mon Apr 23 16:26:18 2001
         MH handling by Justin Mason
         Added a license and the FAQ
         And, for heaven's sake, let's finish preparing the release before we
         upload it to CPAN, this time, eh?

1.9   -
         Mail::ListDetector plugin from Michael Stevens (Woo, mstevens++)
         Documentation nit noted by Adrian Lattke

1.8   -  Mon Feb 12 16:27:00 2001
         Some small fixes to proc2ma
         put_header and ::PGP plugin as suggested by Zebee Johnstone

1.7   -  Sat Jan 27 11:17:56 2001
         Race condition fixed; thanks to Dave Smith.
         Also check $ENV{MAIL}: thanks to Shizukesa.
         Created plug-in system; that rocks.

1.6   -  Sat Jan 13 22:36:46 2001
         Include first stab at proc2ma

1.5   -  Sun Jan  7 14:04:59 2001
         Include popread

1.4   -  Thu Jan  4 19:07:22 2001
         Long awaited release. There are probably still lots of bugs floating
         about, but I lost my old mailbox. Fixes include:
           Correction of "resent" in documentation to "resend"
           New "data" option in constructor
           qmail preline fix from Matthew Darwin
           "noexit" option
           Spelling correction of "received"
           "body" method
1.3   -  Tue Jun 20 20:09:21 2000
         Bugfix release. Blegh.

1.2   -  Sat Jun 17 19:54:56 2000
         Added debug logging to help get this thing working with exim

1.1   -  Sat Jun 17 16:21:58 2000
         Thanks to Walt Mankowski, we now support maildir style incoming mail
         We also support RBL lookups
         get() gets a header field.

1.0   -  Sat Mar 25 20:18:30 2000
         Well, it's been in production use since January, so I tidied it up and
         PAUSEd it.

0.01  -  Thu Jan 13 19:43:51 2000
         original version; created by h2xs 1.19