Randy J Ray

Changes for version 0.20

  • lib/Env/Export.pm
  • t/15_no_redefine.t (deleted)
  • t/20_regex.t (added)
  • t/25_glob.t (added)
  • t/30_prefix.t (added)
  • t/40_all.t (added)
  • t/50_warn.t (added)
  • t/60_override.t (added)
  • t/70_link.t (added)
  • t/80_split.t (added)
  • t/sub_count.pl (added) Added extensive new features and loads more tests. Better overall model for how the args list is processed into a series of newly-defined functions. The keywords ":all", ":prefix"/":noprefix", ":warn"/":nowarn", ":override"/":nooverride", ":link"/":nolink" and ":split" are now all implemented. Shell-style globbing patterns are acceptable as an alternative to regular expressions. Documentation extensively re-worked to cover all of this, and tests galore for all of these features.
  • t/10_basic.t
  • t/15_no_redefine.t Bring tests more in line with nature of the module.
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  • Env::Export - Export %ENV values as constant subroutines