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Changes for version 3.2

  • lib/Image/Size.pm
  • t/all.t Make the package buildable in a pure-Perl software stack. Per RT ticket #42930, make Compress::Zlib optional, so that those who do not need it are not required to install it. Updated the test around the compressed-SWF file to skip if Compress::Zlib is absent.
  • Build.PL (restored)
  • ChangeLog (deleted)
  • ChangeLog.xml (added)
  • MANIFEST (deleted)
  • Makefile.PL (deleted)
  • README.Win32 (deleted)
  • etc/ChangeLogML.xsd (added) Making large-scale house-keeping changes to the build/dist process. Replace ChangeLog (plain-text) with a ChangeLogML file created from the CVS/SVN history and hand-adjusted; add the XSD for ChangeLogML; restore Build.PL and heavily enhance; and remove README.Win32, Makefile.PL and MANIFEST.
  • lib/Image/Size.pm Per RT ticket #43452, make the cache visible outside the lexical scope of the module This allows the hash to be used with packages like IPC::Shareable or IPC::MM to enable sharing the cache between processes. Added extra documentation of this, and a new section describing approaches to cache-sharing.
  • Transaction revision: 136
  • imgsize
  • lib/Image/Size.pm Fix URL/specification of the license info for LGPL.
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  • imgsize - read the dimensions of an image in several popular formats


  • Image::Size - read the dimensions of an image in several popular formats