Randy J Ray

Changes for version 0.291

  • eighth alpha
  • The flags that are created from the rpm version are now passed for 3.0.X, as well.
  • A thread-safing bug was found and fixed in Header.xs. An unused variable was removed.
  • Makefile.PL has some large-scale work, including the addition of a template spec file following the __DATA__ token, code to expand this file using the values that MakeMaker has derived for the package, generation of make rules to construct *.rpm and *.srpm files, and generation of "rpmrc" and "rpmmacro" files to use in invoking rpm (to force all operation into the local dir area).
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  • rpmprune - Remove unneeded files from a list of RPM package files


  • RPM - Perl interface to the API for the RPM Package Manager
  • RPM::Constants - Groups of RPM-defined symbols
  • RPM::Database - Access to the RPM database of installed packages
  • RPM::Error - Functions to supplement the internal error management of RPM
  • RPM::Header - Access to RPM package headers