Randy J Ray

Changes for version 0.292

  • ninth alpha
  • Some unused variables were found in several places.
  • Moved away from the self-tie mechanism and instead handle the data opacity in a completely different fashion. This simplified some code, muddled some, but ultimately led to the removal of several #define macros, more unused variable removal, and (hopefully) more stable code.
  • Addressed a problem in both RPM::Database and RPM::Header XS code wherein destructors were not getting called when objects were implicitly or explicitly freed.
  • Added more tests to the test suite.
  • Changed the names of some of the find_* routines in RPM::Database. See the manual page. The old names were confusing me, despite my direct familiarity with the code!
  • The find_* functions in RPM::Database may now take a RPM::Header object as their argument, and will use the package's name for the searches.
  • It's still leaking RPM::Header objects in the RPM::Database routines. The alternative is a nasty mix of "attempt to free unreferenced scalar" errors and core dumps.
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  • rpmprune - Remove unneeded files from a list of RPM package files


  • RPM - Perl interface to the API for the RPM Package Manager
  • RPM::Constants - Groups of RPM-defined symbols
  • RPM::Database - Access to the RPM database of installed packages
  • RPM::Error - Functions to supplement the internal error management of RPM
  • RPM::Header - Access to RPM package headers